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Suzuki, Mandela Support PEI Writer

New global awareness book being written by Todd MacLean.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

World-famous philanthropists like Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall, Stephen Hawking, and David Suzuki have all decided to contribute to a new book being penned by Prince Edward Island-based musician and journalist Todd MacLean.

The book, entitled "Global Chorus: A 365-Person Anthology of Worldwide Concern and Enduring Hope," is still being worked on and is described as an "environmental anthology" on the author's official website. So far more than 80 people from five continents have signed on to be contributors, and the writer is looking for even more. "What I've been realizing with this is the power of an idea," MacLean said to CBC News. "People aren't responding to Todd MacLean, they're responding to this grandiose question and to the idea itself of putting together a book featuring sort of a round table sort of group of responses from people from all over the world."

However, surprisingly enough, MacLean is still in search of a publisher for his upcoming book.

MacLean graduated as valedictorian of his school, receiving an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English specializing in creative writing from the University of Prince Edward Island. He has also been an environmental columnist on CBC Radio’s “Mainstreet” and a weekly entertainment commentator on CBC TV’s “Compass.” He currently works as a weekly "Guardian" newspaper columnist as well as a freelance journalist. In addition to writing MacLean is also what is called a multi-instrumentalist, and he specialized in playing the alto saxophone, piano and guitar.


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