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Get To Know Your Comics Editor

Thanks to Jessica The Comic Book Girl at Comicast, you can now know stuff about that Book Report guy.

Andy Hunsaker by Andy Hunsaker


Did you ever wonder who exactly the douchebag who writes the news and reviews at Crave Online is? Maybe you heard that doofus on The Book Report podcasts and pondered just what kind of putz he is? Well, now you can have all your questions answered. Thanks to Jessica The Comic Book Girl and the fine folks at the Comicast show for Triggla (that's Trigger Street, the Kevin Spacey company, for the uninitiated), you can now know more than you ever wanted to know about Crave Online's Comics Channel Editor Andy Hunsaker.

Jessica was kind enough to give me a spot on her show recently, which was taped post-New York Comic-Con, and is now available for you to peruse at your leisure. She's hosted Film Channel Editor William Bibbiani before, and she continues her Crave support with li'l ol' me, allowing me to ramble narcissistically about my own comic book upbringing as well as all the events of NYCC, when I had an embarrassing brainfart about some of the indie comic developments (of course, this is what I do, dwell on mistakes rather than the awesomeness of being a guest on her show).

So give the Andy Hunsaker episode of Comicast a gander, won't you? If you dig it, let 'em know you'd like to see me on again, because that was pretty darn fun.