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Captain America: The Chosen (1of 6)

We’re not sure what to make of it either.

Captain America: The Chosen (1of 6)

After reading the first issue from the latest Marvel Knights offering about fallen Avenger Captain America the only thing I can say for certain is that I’m confused, confused about so many things surrounding the Cap stories of the last few months. Where the hell is Nick Fury? How many dead bodies being called Cap are out there? And just what the hell is up with Clint Barton and him secretly wanting to be the next Cap?

The issue that I’m actually reviewing is titled Captain America: The Chosen and it star’s our favorite (and still quite dead) star spangled Avenger. If you’ve been following Cap then you know that the man is pretty damn dead. Well, after reading this issue, the rumors of his death have been thrown out the window, and now half the readers out there are probably pouring over all the books of the last few months trying to figure out what they missed.

The story in this issue (of six) focused on a modern day American soldier named James Newman (New Man huh?) and his daring rescue of his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. I really hate to give away too much info but I don’t have a lot of room. The issue is good because it lays everything out for you to consume. It works because the events aren’t the most important thing; it’s the last few pages. You have to also understand that even though everything is laid out for you, it’s all still very confusing.

While Marvel Knights is an imprint, everything that has happened in those books is usually canon. With that being said, it has to be safe to assume that the events of this issue take place during regular Marvel continuity, soooo what the hell man? At the end of the book there is a guy who could or couldn’t be Captain America (or better yet Steve Rogers, the guy lying on the table is definitely Cap) and he looks to be in bad shape. What this means for Marvel readers is unclear since there is no other recognizable character (besides someone who appears to be Nick Fury) in this story. The most important piece of evidence in this story is that the soldiers refer to Cap as if he had not died, which could mean all kinds of things.

Enough speculation and finger pointing, this issue as a standalone is good. The art work reminds me a lot of Sean Cassiday at his best I can’t wait to see the next issue. With everything going on at Marvel this story comes like a shot out of the dark. I can’t help but wonder if Marvel has taken on a task that’s just too big. I can’t think of a time when there were so many major events transpiring at one company at one time. Grab this issue; it looks like it might be an important chapter in Marvel history