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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #24

The perfect lead in to Vector.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #24

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Pencils: Dustin Weaver
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

In its 24th issue Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has taken on a life of its own, building up the already massive Star Wars universe with each issue. Recently it was revealed that Knights of the Old (KOTOR for short) will represent one part of a yearlong crossover series called Vector. It’s important to point out that the other parts of this series will feature stories and characters that a very familiar to even passing Star Wars fans. Before we get into that, let’s get you caught up with Knights.

KOTOR follows the adventures of a young Jedi named Zayne Carrick. Zayne has been falsely accused of killing his fellow padawan learners and finds himself on the run from the Jedi, the Republic, and others called in to apprehend him. While this drama plays out, the Mandalorian Wars serve as a backdrop that makes Zayne’s personal adventure all the more dangerous. With a small number of friends and accomplices in tow, Zayne set’s out on an adventure that will change the face of the universe.

Zaynes travels take him all over the universe, and after several encounters with his pursuers he finds himself back to where it all began, a planet called Taris. His second stint on Taris was exciting because we got to see many characters from the popular KOTOR video game (the game opens with the player having to escape from Taris), it also brought the hunt for Zayne to at least an impasse, if not an end. Carrick had begun running because his own Master, along with others, killed his comrades and had planned to kill him as well, his escape lead them to blame him for the killings.

A lot of the intrigue and deception was brought to light, and Zayne is exonerated in the eyes of the people that matter to him most. The scene where the truth is finally revealed is a powerful one, and definitely worth picking up this issue. The resolution (at least partial) of Zayne being on the run came in perfect step with Vector and its story, while there is not a lot to know at this time, there is plenty to speculate about.

KOTOR takes place roughly 4000 years before Star Wars proper, and because of that a lot of things are set in stone throughout the Star Wars universe. The real trick is telling stories without accidentally mucking with the continuity, which Star Wars does admirably. Because of the related video game and the other book series that took place around that time, there are a few things we think we know, and Vector threatens to change all of that. There is a lot of speculation that Zayne Carrick goes on to eventually become a powerful Sith Lord named Darth Nihilus, Vector might validate this, or send us back to the stacks trying to figure out if we missed something.

Vector will also feature the Dark Times series that follows the early stages of the Empire meaning that Darth Vader should factor into the story. With a 4000 year gap involved it’s anyone’s guess as to how Zayne’s adventures directly affect Darth Vader and the Emperor. The good news is Vector kicks off next month, meaning we don’t have long to wait for answers.