Extreme Sports

  Making the best of your time off, with some of the more exciting sports.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Canadians are active by nature… we have long winters, so many Canucks find some way to make the most of the cold weather (by taking up hockey, skiing, or snowshoeing), and our summers are so short that when Mother Nature does finally give us some warmth and sunshine we just have to get out there to take it all in while we can.


But we don’t just play ringette, lacrosse and curling – we are also adrenaline junkies, meaning extreme sports are all the rage, and here are the more popular thrill-seeking activities.



We’re not just talking climbing mountains – rock-climbing gyms have popped up in cities across the country, and people are ditching their conventional gym passes in favour of frequenting a more challenging (and daring) alternative. In fact, some regular gyms have even caught on to this craze and have installed rock-climbing walls, as well as some entertainment centres (like Montreal’s Forum).



When ski hills aren’t being used in the summertime, BMXers take full advantage of the picturesque carved trails and take to the hills on their bikes. And now, some ski-hill owners have taken it a step further and have also built cement-like jumps out of the dirt, offering bikers a more demanding and varied course. Local sports stores are also selling dirt-jumping specific bikes for this new extreme sport.


Wilderness kayak excursions

Some people like to leisurely meander down a brook or river at a snail’s pace and take in the natural beauty of our Canadian landscape – awesome! However, thrill-seekers who are looking for a rush choose a more active waterway and ride out to a spot where they can camp out in the woods, making a weekend excursion out of it. With everything they need to sleep and eat, they pack up their kayaks and venture out into the wilderness for several days at a time.


Rope courses

Canada has a lot of forest areas, and the latest team-building adventure activity taking the country by storm is rope courses. Companies as well as groups of family and friends take to the trees and attempt to cross rope bridges, ladders, and much more. If you don’t have a fear of heights it’s not only a great workout but it’s a blast too.