Podcast Review: The BUGLE

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Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

If you like to keep yourself abreast of world news –- politics, sports, current goings-on, and you enjoy the occasionally well-timed pun, then this is the podcast for you! Each week, British funnymen John Oliver (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and Andy Zaltzman bring you the latest and greatest from around the world. Everything from what’s happening with current heads of state to the winner Edinburgh cupcake bakeoff. Both are at the top of their comedy game and have enough wit and genius alone to each have their own podcast, let alone one together. Their style of news parody and satirical lambasting cannot be matched, and to top it off – you just might learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

Have yourself a little listen:

The Bottom Line is this: If you’ve ever watched or enjoyed an episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart or show the slightest interest in current events or Monty Python than this show is one that is definitely worth subscribing to. Each episode clocks in at around 30-45 minutes (perfect for a drive to work) and has enough laughs and jokes to pass off as your own at the water cooler.

You’re probably saying to yourself, well if this is soooo great, then it must cost like a million dollars an episode, right? WRONG! It’s free! Completely and utterly free! May GOD HELP YOU with how free this show is!

And you can download all the back episodes on iTunes, or listen to the show streaming on their site here.


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