Top Picks: Youtube Jiu Jitsu Training

Learn the kimura and other ground combat techniques on Youtube

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

With the rise of MMA, more and more fans are looking to Youtube to discover secrets in applying that highlight reel arm triangle choke or butterfly guard by the barons of the Octagon. If you're an MMA beginner who wants a taste of to advanced moves practiced from the comfort of your home, read on. Here are our recommendations for Youtube channels. All instructors chosen were selected based on their fight credentials, technique, and teaching ability

Stephan Kesting Jiu-Jitsu!

This Black Belt has over 19,000 subscribers and more than 4,000,000 views under his belt (pun intended). His material are mostly 6 to 10 minute tutorials on jim jiujitsu techniques including guard sweeps, locks, arm bars, and other trademark moves. He is a guru, repeatedly offering 5+ techniques with subtle variations with solid explanations when each is used in a combat situation. Definitely a walking encyclopedia.

Watch: An amusing analysis on baseball bat defense.


Gracie Breakdown

All hardcore MMA fans gravitate to Gracie Breakdown to get step by step analysis of submissions featured in the UFC. The two featured are sons of Rorion Gracie, part of the first family of jiu jitsu with 5th degree black belts.

Watch: A study of Frank Mir's kimura against Antonio Noguera at UFC 140.

Submissions 101

By purple belt Keith Owen, Submissions 101 has built a subscriber base of more than 90,000 with more than 40,000,000 views thanks to focused video series on popular moves including sweeps and escapes, guard passes, and arm attacks and defenses. The only knocks are its production value, with slightly off focus cameras, and close up shots that compromise learning how the body is positioned, as with chokes.

Watch: Learn the fist choke from mount position.