7 Football Streakers

Fans must run naked through football games. Those are the rules!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The organizers of football games want you to buy a ticket, sit in the stands, watch the game and go home. Most people are content with this arrangement, but a few want to add in one tiny little element: Running naked through the field. For some reason, officials get very upset when this happens. Here are videos of 7 football streakers:


Seminole Streaker

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, running nude whenever he can…


Arizona Streaker

Something tells me that guy’s not a real referee.


Arkansas Streaker

He lies on the ground and is like, “what’s the problem?”


UTSA Streaker

For a bunch of football players, they have a hard time tackling that mostly-naked dude.


Streaker Gets Crushed

…this guy, on the other hand.


Referee Streaker 2

That underwear is out-of-bounds.


PSU Streaker

Given the past atrocities of Vikings, this guy wasn’t so bad.


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