5 Funny Videos From Home Plate

The bases are loaded (with laughs).

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

And it’s one, two, three collisions you’re out (on a stretcher) at the old ball game. In baseball, a lot of hilarious stuff happens at home plate, like crazy fans getting tackled and squirrels running for their lives. It makes the game more difficult to play, but way less boring to watch. Here are 5 funny videos from home plate:


Squirrel Runs Across Home Plate

Golf has dancing gophers, baseball has fleeing squirrels.


Guy Fakes Getting BJ Behind Home Plate

Anything can happen on live TV – even crude gestures!


Umpire Tackles Fan Diving Into Home Plate

You’re under arrest… for being too cool, guy.


Two Kids Collide Into Home Plate

The Giants didn’t pay their hospital bills, but they got awesome t-shirts.


Baseball Player Jumps Over Catcher

He really flipped out.


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