The Big List: NFL Dissed By Lingerie League! iPhone 5 Glitches!

Replacement refs weren’t good enough for Lingerie Football! Plus: iProblems.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to wait in a long line for several days, pay tons of money for a brand new phone to replace the one you bought a few months ago, realize there are a bunch of problems with it, get on your knees and scream “Nooooooo” to the heavens like in every movie ever and check out these links!


Lingerie Football League Fired The NFL’s Current Refs

This news probably got the NFL’s panties in a bunch.


24 Best Twitter Reactions To The Packers Getting Screwed

Watcha gonna do when refereemania comes for you? Oh wait, it already has and it's terrible.


9 Biggest Complaints About The iPhone 5

Apple Maps is a piece of Map.


Mitt Romney’s Nickname Is Not “The Stench”

Satire, people. [image via]


7 Things You Won’t Believe Science Says Make You Happy

Lead a better life by multitasking about red meat.


That’s all for this intercepted edition of The Big List!


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