We Destroy Tough Mudder Seattle

We went to Seattle, we ran Tough Mudder, we... are... beasts.  Hey, that's just what Bear Grylls told me.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

CraveOnline @ Tough Mudder Seattle (Watch it with HD on, it looks awesome)

Not often are you given the opportunity to conciously put yourself in harms way.  Tough Mudder is of course doable, otherwise no one would sign up.  But I was no where near trained for something like this. 

12 miles through the mountainous forrests an hour outside Seattle, Washington. 

22 obstacles designed by British Special Forces.

Mud, water and rocks with every step and crawl.

But the factor that makes it all worth it… 10,000 hopeful participants working together as one team.

The environment during the Tough Mudder Challenge was emotionally invigorating. Even more so than it was physically invigorating.  The feeling that overtakes you as you push your body further and further while seeing thousands of peers encouraging one another and picking each other up is a meaningful one that will stick with me for a long time.

I have to give a big shout out and thank you to Degree for Men for bringing us out and of course Bear Grylls for showing us the ropes (almost literally) the day before the event.  I also have to thank Chloe Wilde from AskMen.com for being an awesome teammate during the race!

If you want to check out Tough Mudder, and you should, you can head to the Tough Mudder Web site to see the schedule and find an event near you.

Also, if you want to smell so fresh and so clean like I did at the end of my race, check out Degree Men's newest products with MotionSense Technology.  I'm a pretty skeptical person so I don't usually buy into advertising, but it was pretty hard for me to deny the fact that I smelled like a prince at the end of this crazy course.  So feel free to join me and all the other Smell Good Guys over at Degree Men.