5 Sports Figures Who Really Wish It Was The Apocalypse

Turns out today really wasn't the end of the world. Who Knew? Here are 5 guys who actually wish it was.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

1. Mark Sanchez

The guy has 50 turnovers over the past two years and has finally been benched in favor of Greg McElroy. He's gone from being the New York City golden child — leading the Jets to two AFC championship games — to being booed off the field. Even though the Jets owe him over $50 million, it sounds like they are desperate to ship him out of town, no matter the cost. Famous fan, 'Fireman Ed' has even protested, ceasing to attend games.

2. The Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers failed to reach the Finals last year and all Hell broke loose in LA. So Jerry Buss and Co. spent gobs of money to bring in a nearly 40 year-old Steve Nash and a Dwight Howard right out off back surgery and southern California expects a championship? It's now Dec. 21 and the Lakers are 12-14, have already fired their head coach and if play doesn't turn around quickly, will be out of the playoffs for only the fourth time in 37 times. And LA thought all Hell broke loose before? I wouldn't count out the Apocalypse yet beach bums.

3. New Orleans Fans

They lose half their defense and their head coach to Bountygate and now the owner of their basketball team wants to change their name from the Hornets to the Pelicans. Good grief. When is Mardi Gras?

4. Ozzie Guillen

Hired and fired by the Marlins within a year, hard to believe Guillen carried big expectations when coming into South Beach. A controversial supportive comment in regards to Fidel Castro and 93 losses later and you have one of the biggest baseball fire-sales known to man. The only remaining pieces to the ever-so-promising 2012 squad are Giancarlo Stanton and Flipper himself.

5. Auburn Fans

Think anyone in the plains wants to watch their arch-rival Alabama win their third championship in four years? If the world ends before the new year, it would prevent the Tide from becoming the first team in college football history to win three unshared titles in four years.

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