2012 Crave Sports Awards

Forget the ESPYs or the Heisman Trophy, these are the awards that really matter.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Here at Crave, we figured we would have some fun with our own end-of-the-year awards. Here's what we came up with. Let's call them… our 1st annual… 'Cravies.' Congratulations to all the lovely winners!

Worst Hit of the Year: Sports Drug Testers
Already one of the worst jobs you could possibly have associated with big-time sports, the reputation of urine collectors across the globe took a major hit in 2012. Because of two major issues of improper handling of urine, two athletes get to shout to the world about how wronged they were. MLB's Ryan Braun and NFL's Richard Sherman both avoided major suspensions in their respective sports because someone couldn't properly hold their pee! While not found innocent, these two men can sleep peacefully after narrowly avoiding potential career altering charges. Now only if they can smudge off the asterisk by their names….

Best Attempt to Cheat: The Olympic badminton teams that were disqualified.

Sexiest athlete caught on video: Michelle Jenneke

Best Commercial: Can Newton advising the kid who planned to make everyone forget him (Play 60).

Best Meme: SuperStorm Sandy with Arod 's face.

Worst Teammate : Josh Brent- Dallas Cowboys
Ouch! Who else could possibly possess the title of worst teammate? This guy got drunk and caused the death of  teammate, Jerry Brown. If that wasn't bad enough, witnesses claim Brent didn't even try to help his dying teammate until told to do so. So yes, being a ball hog or having a poor attitude can't top killing someone.

Worst Sports Host: Mike Francesa

Best Al Roker Body Look Alike: Rex Ryan
Never has someone accomplished the task of making themselves look like the famous NBC Today Show analyst. Looking like a lollipop isn't easy but these two warriors managed to pull it off. That being said, they've both lost a lot of weight. Kudos.

Most Embarrassing Play: Brian Okam

Short-Bus Award: Replacement referees that called the Seahawks-Packers game in September.

Best Broadcasting Call: Craig Ackerman of the Houston Rockets

Best Viral Video: Atlanta Hawks kid drops jaw over boobies while on live television.


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