HBO Real Sports Profiles Luther Campbell, Royce White

[VIDEO]: Rap icon Luther Campbell may have retired 2 Live Crew, but his fire on the mic has now become a fire on the gridiron -- as showcased in the latest episode of HBO Real Sports.

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The new episode of HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel debuts tonight with a pair of stories that should definitely live up to the high standards of the best sports magazine on television.

First, Jon Frankel goes one-on-one with iconic 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell, who has transformed himself into a highly successful high school football coach in Florida.

Then, NBA rookie Royce White tells Bernard Goldberg what it will take to end his dispute with the Houston Rockets and get back on the court.

White, the 16th overall pick in last summer’s NBA draft, has yet to play for the Rockets. The 6’ 8” power forward’s absence isn’t due to lackluster performance or injury, but an anxiety disorder that, among other things, makes air travel extremely difficult for him, something no NBA franchise has had to face before with such a high-profile individual.

Determined to ensure that the club, league and players association accommodate his needs, the Minnesota native refused to report to the team last fall until a “mental health protocol” was prepared and signed by all parties. The situation reached a tipping point Jan. 6 when White was suspended for failing to perform his contract.

Real Sports premieres Tues, Jan. 22 at 10pm ET/PT on HBO.