10 Sports Fan Fails

Videos of fans celebrating all the way to the emergency room!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

So your favorite team didn’t win this year. That’s a shame, but don’t worry, the internet is on your team, with a water cooler full of Schadenfreude to dump all over your head. After all, if you can’t win, you can always celebrate other sports fans looking like idiots. Here are videos of 10 sports fan fails:


Baltimore Ravens Riot Fail

What do you mean, “those aren’t designed for chin-ups?”


Pants Fail

Flag. Out-of-bounds.


Fan vs. Player Fail

“Get back in the damn field, where you belong!”


Hat Fail

Be proud of who you are – and the ridiculous hats you wear.


Sitting In The Stands Fail

“Get back in the damn stands, where you belong!”


Cubs Fan Beer Fail

She got beer-ied.


Giants Parade Fail

“Sanchez” leads to facepalms.


Soccer Fan Tries To Score Fail

Gooooooo to jail.


Leaning Packer Fan Fail

From high-five to high-flattened.


Winning Basketball Shot Fail

From downtown… he shoots… he humiliates the other team and all their cheering fans!


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