7 Funny Videos of Sports Fans Dancing

Bleachers are the new dance club.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Most people, when they find themselves on the Jumbotron, either do a little dance or smile in embarrassment. There are others – mostly kids without the adult fear of humiliation – who go crazy and entertain the fans! These are the unsung heroes of sports. Here are 7 funny videos of sports fans dancing:


Kid Dances To “It’s Tricky” at NBA Game

He’s already fabulous at a 10th grade level.


Kate Upton Does The Dougie at Clippers Game

She won the game!


Kid Dances To “Thriller” at Mariners Game

Don’t worry, you guys. Michael Jackson’s ghost found a body to inhabit.


Man Dances To “Living On A Prayer” at Celtics Game

The world is his karaoke night.


Kid Dances To “Fire Burning” at Canucks Game

Shorty fire burning on the stands floor.


Man Dances To “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” at Heat Game

Manages to take over entire game.


Old Man Dances at NBA Game

No, grandpa, no!


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