Arsenal 1 – 3 Bayern: More Woe for Wenger

Bayern defeat Arsenal in their Champions League match-up.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Arsene Wenger's troubles as Arsenal manager continue as he failed to topple an indomitable Bayern.

Arsenal now face a premature exit from the Champions League, as they were beaten by the German squad 1-3 at the Emirates. This loss comes just days after the Gunners' humiliating  FA Cup defeat at the hands of Blackburn.

Bayern opened up the scoreline just 8 minutes into the match, with Toni Kroos converting Thomas Mullers' cross. Then things got worse for the Gunners, as Daniel Van Buyten headed the ball past Sczcesny from a corner, making it 0-2.

Although Arsenal began mounting an offence in the face of much adversity, as it came to half-time, it looked increasingly likely that Wenger would yet again be forcing to explain himself to the post-match press.

After the interval, Arsenal were awarded a bit of forture after the referee incorrectly awarded them a corner. Podolski successfully converted this chance, taking advantage of oddly shambolic defending to head the ball into the back of the net, making it 1-2.

However, Arsenal wouldn't go on to mount a comeback, as Mandzukic picked out a cross along the boss from Philipp Lahm, hitting the ball awkwardly into the back of the net.

But as more fingers continue to be pointed in Wenger's direction, Jack Wilshere defended his boss, saying: "I don't think this is anything to do with the manager. He puts us on the pitch, it's up to us to perform and do the best we can every week. He can motivate us and it is up to us to do the best we can on the pitch.

"The players will take responsibility. We are man enough to take it, but the boss has been here for 16 years and he has done a great job. I don't think you can question him. We move on to the weekend and have to try and take it from there."

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