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Russian Model Hangs Off 1,004 Foot Building Just to Get the Perfect Instagram Photo

Russian model Viki Odintkova had no safety equipment to protect her during the stunt.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Russian model Viki Odintkova decided to take the ultimate risk for a perfect Instagram photo, hanging from the top of a 1,004 foot building — with no safety equipment to protect her.

The daring model performed the stunt during a trip to Dubai, taking part in a death-defying (and very illegal) photoshoot in which she was dangled from the top of the Cayan Tower by her assistant. With only his grip preventing her from plummeting to her death, Viki was lucky to come away from the shoot unscathed. The photo taken from the shoot received 100,000 likes from her followers.

Inevitably, there were some who questioned whether or not the above image had been PhotoShopped and if Viki had really been dangled from the building.

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As proof, modeling agency Mavrin Studios posted a video of the stunt in order to end any doubts, revealing that she was indeed wild enough to agree to such a risky photoshoot:

The model also posted video footage of her clambering down the tower, which was viewed over 1 million times on Instagram:

Viki’s other posts to her 3.2 million followers on Instagram also regularly attract thousands of likes, though we doubt she’ll manage to pull off anything quite like this stunt again.

You can follow her right here.