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U.S. Open Golf Sounds Call for New Summer Gear

As the U.S. Open moves to its final rounds, it's a good time to think about what new golf gear you'll take into your summer play.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski


The U.S. Open is closing in on discovering its 2014 champion. I can confirm now that it will not be your or me.

Still, we can enjoy watching the tournament unfold while you decide on what new gear you'll be chasing down to improve your own summer game.

Below you'll find some highlighted gear and gadgets we've tested here and found reliable bets to improve your game — or at lease make it more fun.

Swingbyte: A swing analyzer and golf teaching took, the Swingbyte (above) clamps onto any club and records swing speed, pitch, angle, etc. For $169, the sensor links up with your iPhone or other device so you can get a read on how you're addressing the ball on the range.


Air Force One Driver: These days, most club manufacturers are making their drivers lighter, using high tech materials, hollow club heads and massive club face to make swinging feel easier. But, there'a a danger to that technology: A driver that's too light can make your swing numb and throw off its plain.

For $279.99, the Air Force One Driver from Powerbilt adds a bit more weight in a center of gravity that generates more easily controlled centrifugal force. It's by no means a brick on a stick as it uses its own mix of elite materials (including nitrogen blended into the clubs), but that sensation of additional weight keeps the swing disciplined and the ball flying straight.


Ashworth Majors Series: Throughout this year's Majors golf season, Ashworth and TaylorMade are rolling out a classic shirt based on the look of a Majors winner every month this summer. The limited edition Retief Goosen and Justin Rose editions are on hand for the U.S. Open at $100 each.

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Jones Golf Bags: Anyone who ever traveled long distances with their full club bag knows how heavy they get en route to an airport, to a cab or back and forth from the course. For around $159, Jones Golf Bags offers up smaller travel bags designed the classic, more humble club carriers of old. Tough, light and smaller than most golf bags heading off manufacturing lines these days, the Players Series bags are seemingly only as heavy as the clubs you choose to take along with you.


Shine Activity Monitor: While not exactly a golf only gadget, the Misfit Shine will track a golfer's fitness level before, during and after any round. For $99, the Shine can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace — making it one of the most adaptable and comfortable athletic activity monitors. 


2014 Lexus GS 350: Of course, a $47,000+ automobile might not be what you consider golf gear, but (since Lexus is the sponsor of the U.S. Open) it doesn't hurt to list it here. It's 3.5 liter, V6 engine puts out 306 horsepower with sports tuned suspension — all with a trunk big enough for your clubs and the bag of whatever woman can't resist some genuine driving class (U.S. Open style).