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Design Miami | Top 5 Places To See

Design Miami provides a dynamic counterpoint to Art Basel in Miami Beach.

Miss Rosenby Miss Rosen
Photo: River Yacht Club

The beauty of design is that it offers both form and function, creating a world where all things speak to our sense of style, taste, and sensibilities. Crave provides a handy guide to some of the top places to check out during Design Miami (November 30-December 4).

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Tabanlioglu Architects: Flamingo Lounge at Design Miami (November 30-December 4) draws from sources as diverse as flamboyant filmmaker John Waters, “Less is More” mastermind Mies van der Rohe, and innovative architect Gaetano Pesce to create a Collector’s Lounge that evokes the distinct style and flavor of Miami. Principal Melkan Gusel reveals that the classic 1980s TV show of their youth, Miami Vice, also played a part in shaping their vision of this 100-square meter space, which will be host to the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, and curators at the show.

Rendering of The Flamingo Lounge/ Tabanlioglu Architects

Rendering of The Flamingo Lounge/ Tabanlioglu Architects

Loewe Foundation Presents: William McKeown and John Ward at its Miami Design District Store (November 30, 2016-March 31, 2017). Irish artist William McKeown and British potter John Ward have been hand selected by the foundation for a commission that transforms the extraordinary space into a transcendent exhibition that makes use of light and color and their interplay with the rich materiality of the natural world to create a compelling experience of modernity and history in harmonious coexistence.

William McKeown

William McKeown

Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades at Design Miami (November 30-December 4) and at the Louis Vuitton Miami Design District store (November 30, 2016-January 2017). Design pioneer Louis Vuitton keeps its finger on the pulse of classic design with this new installation of Objets Nomades, a collection of furniture that reinvents the House’s Art of Travel. This year, the company unveils two new pieces: the Blossom Stool designed by Tokujin Yoshioka and the Fur Cocoon by the Campagna Brothers.

Blossom Stool for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades

Blossom Stool for Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades

Audi: The Extra Hour at Design Miami (November 30-December 4) is inspired by the Audi RS 7, the self-driving car and uses the exhibition title as a metaphor for a new kind of freedom from the tyranny of time. The exhibition features commissioned installations by international designers and architects including Bjarke Ingels, Reed Kram, Clemens Weisshaar, and Konstantin Grcic, which highlight key elements of Audiʼs technological advancements and then showcased in different fields of design, urban planning and architecture.

Riverside Yacht Club

River Yacht Club

The River Yacht Club located at 401 SW 3rd Avenue combines hospitality and design into a singular experience that will renew your senses after taking in the wide array of sights of Design miami. A luxurious enclave that offers the perfect getaway from the madness of it all, the River Yacht Club allows you to experience the beauty of design as it does what it is meant to do: make your life better.

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