The 33 DC Superhero Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

How does 'Wonder Woman' hold up against the other 32 theatrically-released DC superhero movies?

It’s taken more than 75 years, but last weekend DC Comics finally release a live-action Wonder Woman movie, giving the feminist icon her well-deserved time in the spotlight, courtesy of director Patty Jenkins. It’s hard to believe it took three-quarters of a century to finally make a theatrically released Wonder Woman movie, especially when you think about how many Superman and Batman movies preceded this, and how many other, weirder characters got their own movie before she did.

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In no uncertain terms, it’s been a weird, wild trip for DC superhero movies, with multiple reboots of popular (and not so popular) characters over the years, and with giant shifts in storytelling ambition and tone across several generations. Their films have been funny, serious, campy and scary, and if we’re being perfectly honest they’ve been some of the best and also some of the worst movies ever made.

So where does Wonder Woman rank against the best and worst DC superhero movies ever released in theaters? Find out below as we take a look back through the decades, and single out the greatest and most ridiculous adaptations so far (and as we decide to let nebulously “superheroic” films like Constantine and The Losers slide, if only for the sake of conversation).

[Editor’s Note: This list has been updated to include Wonder WomanThe LEGO Batman Movie and Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.]

Let’s Rank All The DC Comics Movies!

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