Let’s Rank All Thirty DC Comics Movies!

We look back at more than five decades of comic book adaptations, from 'Superman and the Mole Men' to 'Suicide Squad.'

It’s taken more than fifty years, but last weekend DC Comics hit a pretty big milestone: their 30th feature film, Suicide Squad, hitting theaters and breaking records in the process. 

And while technically, if you count their straight-to-video animated films, DC Comics movies have been even more prolific than that, we think 30 is a nice, round number and the perfect excuse to take a look at the history of their adaptations and put them all in context. It’s been a weird, wild trip for DC Comics movies, with multiple reboots of popular (and not so popular) characters over the years, and with giant shifts in storytelling ambition and tone across several generations. Their films have been funny, serious, campy and scary, and if we’re being perfectly honest they’ve been some of the best and also some of the worst movies ever made.

Where does Suicide Squad rank against the best and worst DC Comics movies ever produced? Find out below as we take a look back through the decades, and single out the greatest and most ridiculous adaptations so far.

Let’s Rank All The DC Comics Movies!

Top Photos: Warner Bros.

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