New York Comic Con 2016 | ‘Batman ’66’ & ‘Wonder Woman ’77’ Team Up

It’s been a big New York Comic Con for Adam West’s Batman ’66. Just a day after announcing a new Batman ’66 vs. Two-Face animated film, DC revealed that West’s Caped Crusader will meet another icon of comic book television: Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman ’77!

During New York Comic Con’s Wonder Woman 75th anniversary panel, DC announced that the Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 will be a digital first comic, starting this November. The story will be released in 12 online chapters, which will then make the leap to print as a six-issue miniseries in January 2017.

Regular Batman ’66 writer Jeff Parker and Wonder Woman ’77 writer Marc Andreyko will co-write the crossover, with art by David Hahn and Karl Kesel, and covers by Alex Ross and Mike Allred.

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At the panel, Andreyko indicated that the miniseries will play around with the setting by starting in the ’40s with Carter’s Wonder Woman, before moving the ’60s with West’s Batman. The third stage of the story will bring the action to Wonder Woman’s home era of 1977, presumably with an older Batman.

The initial villains for the series have been revealed: the immortal Ra’s Al Ghul, and Catwoman. We’ll learn more when the first digital issue is released on November 23.

Are you excited to read this crossover miniseries? Which characters do you want to see join the party? Who should be the Superman of this world: George Reeves or Christopher Reeve? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo Credits: DC Comics