Dwayne Johnson vs. Donuts | Exclusive ‘Baywatch’ Deleted Scene

You don’t get to be The Rock by eating donuts. Or… maybe you do, we’re not Dwayne Johnson’s biographers.

Either way, you sure as hell don’t see him sucking down a whole lot of delicious dessert pastries in his films. And know for a fact that you DEFINITELY didn’t see it in his latest comedy, Baywatch, because that’s not in the film. But Zac Efron does try to tempt Dwayne Johnson to the donut side in this exclusive deleted scene from Baywatch, which is now available in Digital HD, and coming to4K Ultra HD Combo Pack and Blu-ray Combo Pack on August 29, 2017.

Check out this exclusive clip, and see for yourself whether Dwayne Johnson really will succumb to temptation and eat that donut, or whether he’ll just be a jerk and take everyone else’s donuts.


25 Excellent Sex Comedies from the Days of Yore

In this 1999 film, a group of graduating high school boys resolve to lose their virginities, all in increasingly embarrassing ways.

Image: Universal

In 1982, the sexually assertive women of Ridgemont high faced off against their wimpy male classmates. 

Image: Universal

The first of the Israeli Lemon Popsicle films was released in 1978, and it set the standard for many American movies to follow, like...

Image: The Cannon Group

In 1982, The Cannon Group remade the first Lemon Popsicle film as The Last American Virgin, an equally smutty and even funnier redux.

Image: The Cannon Group

In this 1985 film, an introvert boy and an extrovert boy compare notes as they attempt to seduce their respective female paramours. 

Image: 20th Century Fox

A teenage boy, in attempting to lose his virginity, sets his sights on his much older Franch tutor. The subgenre of teen-boys-and-their-sexy-teachers is known as nave scuola.

Image: Crown International Pictures

Bob Clark's 1981 comedy follows another team of boys avowed to lose their virginities, and include several notorious(-ly nude) shower peeping scenes, for which the boys do get their comeuppance.

Image: 20th Century Fox

The most famous summer camp movie (without Jason Voorhees), Ivan Reitman's Meatballs tells of the sexual adventures of a group of campers and their counselor, Bill Murray, in his breakout movie role.

Image: Paramount

Nerds, it turns out, are just as sexual - and as sexually devious - as their more popular and more celebrated jock counterparts.

Image: 20th Century Fox

"Hands Off Those Suckers." The 1979 comedy follows a cadre of sexy sorority girls as they raise funds via various shenanigans.

Image: Anchor Bay

One of the earlier sex comedies, this 1973 comedy is about conniving cheerleaders who sex up the opposing football team so that they're too tired to play. A clever ploy, I'd say.

Image: Cinemation Industries

A kind-of sequel to The Cheerleaders. Despite a more titillating title, this is a more grounded teen drama about virginity, proposals, and scandals in high school.

Image: Centaur Pictures

Maybe one of the weirder sex comedies of the 1980s, Hamburger: The Motion Picture takes place at a hamburger college (?) where students come to bed one another. And also make burgers. 

Image: F/M Entertainment

Tom Cruise needs money to fix a Porsche that a prostitute broke, so he turns his house into a brothel for the night. The '80s were a glorious time.

Image: Warner Bros. 

Tom Cruise stars in another anti-virginity pact, this time taking a group of young men to Mexico, to hookers, and into the arms of divorcee Shelley Long.

Image: Embassy Pictures

Scott Baio finds he can move objects with his mind. What better use of the power than to expose women's breasts? (Well, lots obviously, but Zapped! isn't that kind of film.)

Image: Embassy Pictures

Dean Cameron stars in this loopy slapstick sex farce that taps into everyone's sexual ski fantasies (?).

Image: Moviestore Entertainment

Out on a double date, in the mood, but low on condoms, Booty Call is about the embarrassing quest to acquire protection at the last minute. I think we've all been there.

Image: Columbia Pictures

Billy dreams of kissing his hot new roommate, unsure as to whether or not he may be gay. This is one of the sweeter films of the indie gay boom of the 1990s. 

Image: Trimark

When a 40-year-old man is outed as a virgin by his co-workers, they all go on a quest to get him laid. His awkwardness is well-developed. 

Image: Universal

Two sluggish twentysomethings decide to pay their mounting bills by casting themselves in a porn flick. They are more enterprising than you might think.

Image: The Weinstein Company

A topical film about an ostensibly straight girl who is enrolled in a surreal gay conversion therapy course, and who might actually discover her sexuality there. 

Image: Lionsgate

Horny teenage boys go to Europe to clear up an online misunderstanding with a German pen pal they assumed was a male. They discover the disillusioning realities of nude beaches.

Image: DreamWorks

A teenage boy can't determine if his sexy new neighbor is a porn star or not. He makes an ass of himself finding out. She, meanwhile, strips often.

Image: 20th Century Fox

Perhaps the greatest spoof of a sex comedy ever made. 

Image: USA Films
Top Photo: Paramount