Tim Burton Gets Off Of ‘Maleficent’

The most obvious candidate to direct the live-action Sleeping Beauty re-imagining ain't doing it.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Oh Maleficent… I know you're older than I am. I know you have a dark side. I know you have this weird hangup about not getting invited to parties. But damn it, girl… You're so hot. I don't know if it's the green skin or or the way you manage to make a flowing robe look form-fitting, but damn girl. You got it goin' on. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Disney's Maleficent, a retelling of Sleeping Beauty from your own, doubtless sympathetic perspective. Even though Tim Burton won't be directing it anymore.

Yes, Tim Burton, the man who was born to direct Maleficent (and every other gothic fantasy Hollywood can dish out, it seems), has backed away from the upcoming live-action film. Hollywood Reporter reports that Angelina Jolie is still attached to star as the wicked witch, or possibly fairy. (She's a witch, right? I don't see no wings…) The script is still being written by Alice in Wonderland scribe Linda Woolverton. But Burton himself… is no more. He's too busy doing Frankenweenie and Dark Shadows, apparently.

The good news is that Disney's already looking for new directors. They're reportedly circling David Yates, who directed the entire second half of the Harry Potter movies and, to his credit, seems to have gotten better with each passing film. Lord know he has the free time now to pick up a new project.

Crave Online will return with more Maleficent news until they give up and turn it into a G-Rated family film… called Benign-ficent.