Kevin Feige on Thor and The Avengers

Kevin Feige connects the dots within the Marvel movie universe.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

The Avengers Movie

We’ll be seeing lots of Kevin Feige this summer and next. The Marvel Studios executive is here to talk about Thor, as well as Captain America and The Avengers. At the Thor press conference, he shared a few telling tidbits about what the origin of Thor means to the Marvel universe, and what’s coming up for Marvel.


Why Thor goes well with Captain America this summer:

Kevin Feige:We always go into these movies saying there’ll be a segment of the audience that’s very familiar and knows everything, and there’ll be a larger segment of the audience that doesn’t know anything. So we want to concoct the story in a way that is an introduction to the character. In this case, it’s more than just an introduction to the character. It’s not just here’s a guy with glasses, he doesn’t get the girl and he gets bit by a spider. Frankly, Captain America is more that. It is more of a linear origin story. This movie, you’re not only introducing the character, you’re introducing the world and all the ensemble. It was maybe the hardest challenge. A movie in post-production is broken up into six or seven reels. The first reel on this film was the hardest.


How Thor takes Marvel to the next level:

Kevin Feige:I grew up with the character as I did with all the Marvel characters, but frankly I was particularly excited about it coming off of being a part of the Spidey films and the X-Men films and the Hulk films and more recently the Iron Man films, but wanting to expand the notion of a Marvel movie. I like the idea of going to outer space, to going to more of a sci-fi sandbox, which is why frankly we didn’t shy away from big giant gleaming cities in outer space and other planets. Bifrost travel, which was always a part of the mythology in every comic book, but the way Ken envisioned it in this film, this the place with Heimdall, Idris Elba, standing in the center of it. It’s just much more of a sci-fi edge at which I always wanted to be a part of and very proud that we’ve pulled it off in a way that all audiences, whether they have read comics or haven’t read comics or like science fiction or don’t like science fiction can respond to and relate to.


Thor will return in The Avengers. Oh, and Thor 2 too:

Kevin Feige:Listen, when we embark on this, we’ve got 600 plus issues, we’ve got a thousand years of mythology, we have other stories we’d like to tell. The audience will tell us whether they want to see those other stories, but we have to be prepared for that if we should get the call. So Don Payne is working on story ideas for a Part Two, we’ve got various options with Ken to discuss coming, but right now the focus is on the first one but Don is slowly but surely thinking about where to take the character next should we be so lucky.


Remember, this is the first Loki movie too:

Kevin Feige:The movie very much is an origin of Loki almost as much as it is an origin of Thor and that’s something we had to ride that balance. There were drafts where Thor took over too much or there were certainly drafts where Loki became too prominent, and I think we found a nice balance that is clearly the origin of both of those characters. Tom is a great actor, there’s no doubt about it, but make no mistake. Tom, like Loki, wants to be Thor. Wanted to be Thor, he was up for it, he actually auditioned for Thor and he’s talked about that and he gained all sorts of weight and he did his audition and we went, “You’re Loki.” There’s a piece of B-Roll, it might be online. It’ll definitely be on the DVD, where Tom and Chris are in our big Asgardian ceremony set in their full costumes and Tom and Chris is holding his hammer as he did throughout the whole movie and Tom just comes by and says, “Let me hold that, let me hold that for a minute.” And you see Tom holding it and dressed as Loki holding it swinging the hammer around and Chris like, “Hey, gimme that back.” There was such a glee on his face too as he’s holding it up.