INEVITABLE: ‘The Hangover Part III’ is Happening

Craig Mazin signs on to write the third film in the hit franchise, in which the Wolf Pack goes to space (hopefully).

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

A few hours after we learned that the makers of Insidious, the most profitable movie of 2011, have no plans for a sequel for artistic reasons, we discover that The Hangover Part III is already on the way. Well, nobody ever accused the makers of The Hangover of being 'classy.' The most penis-y movie of the year had a record-breaking opening weekend, over $200 million worldwide, and now, yeah, a sequel is already underway.

The Wrap reports that Craig Mazin, one of the three credited screenwriters on The Hangover Part II, has signed on to write the third film in the franchise. Whether co-writer Scot Armstrong is coming back remains to be seen, but director/co-writer Todd Philips has already said he's on board.

We hate, hate, hated the second Hangover, which hurt us on a personal level because the first one was really, really good. We weren't alone on that. The film has a Rotten Tomatoes ranking of 34% from the critics – pretty shabby – but a viewer rating of 94%. Of course, typical audience members aren't looking at the same things critics are. We have a tendency not to rate a film based on overall quality, not whether it simply distracted us from the hell of our daily lives for a few hours.

OooOOOoooh… We're bitter, aren't we…?

Crave Online will be back with more Hangover Part III news, because nothing can stop them now.