Top 5 Shaq Special, Part 2: The Entertainer

Taking a look at Shaq's questionable dive into entertainment.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Blue Chips (1994)- Shaq's first foray into acting wasn't much of a stretch for the big fella as he played a highly valuable blue chip prospect just waiting to be wowed by some college.  From the outset, Shaq's lack of acting chops were prevailant but his energy and charisma shined through. Though the film would end up being panned by critics, it was a solid beginning for the NBA legend.

Kazaam (1996)- A movie featuring Shaquille O'Neal is a frilly genie outfit AS a frilly genie who gets a rapping record deal while granting wishes for a boy with parenting issues; what's not to like? Apparently the whole movie as it was sacked from the outset by reviewers and remains one of the 100 worst movies ever made to this very day.

Shaq Fu (1994)- When you take sports stars and place them outside their comfort zone, sometimes what you end up with is a confusing mess. Such was the case when EA decided to take Shaq the basketball player and place him within a fighting game. The result was much like Kazaam, something that is prominantly featured in almost every list of games and concepts of games we'd like to forget…forever!

Shaq the Rapper (1993-) In another case of a star who thinks his one singular ability gives him the ability to do anything, Shaq went from the court to the microphone to display his great rapping skills. During his rapping career, he has put out 5 studio albums and 1 compilation album. While the most positive thing said about his rapping was that it did improve some with time, he did manage to find some success with his 1993 album Shaq Diesal. Shaq Diesel did manage to reach Platinum with it's sales.

Steel (1997)- What's the best thing you can give a man who idolizes Superman to such a degree that he has the iconic S tattooed on his arm?  Why the chance to be him, of course! That's what happened to O'Neal in '97 when he took up the role of Steel. In the comics, Steel was one of the four Supermen who replaced Superman when he died at the hands of Doomsday so when offered the role, Shaq jumped at it…and gave his usual cringe worthy performance. The movie, which made only $1.7 million of its $26 million budget, was horrible panned and while it wasn't as bad as say, Kazaam, it was still pretty bad.

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