Top 6 Games To Play When You’re Stoned

Dude... sweet... video games!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

I recently spent some time with Q Entertainment’s Child of Eden and, after tripping balls for a good 20 minutes, I came to the conclusion that my experience would have been greatly improved had I been playing it through bloodshot eyes whilst surrounded by Cheetos, which got me thinking: what are the best games to play when you’re high? Here are 6 I thought of, duuuuuuuuuuuudes…


6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

By now we’ve all spent our fair share of time ripping the piss out of Nintendo’s cuddly mascots in the Super Smash Bros. series. There’s just something oddly infectious about kicking Link in his gullet, isn’t there? It’s made doubly infectious when you and your buddies crash on the couch, high as kites, ready to join in the fun with Mario and co.

It may initially seem wrong to mix Nintendo with drugs, but you’ve got to remember that Kirby’s an old-school stoner. Whilst you’re getting over the munchies by eating Frosties straight out the box, he’s eating PEOPLE and riding GIANT HAMSTERS.


5. Flower

It’s been said that this PSN exclusive has moved grown men to tears. It hasn’t been said that these grown men were inexplicably stoned and therefore mistook this simplistic waggle-‘em-up as hard-hitting existential commentary, but I think that’s what was being implied.

Although it remains one of the only decent uses of the PS3 controller’s Sixaxis functionality, Flower is largely quite tedious and notable only for its peaceful charm and vibrant art style. In other words, it is absolutely perfect for those mornings spent alone with nothing but your duvet and your tub of weed.


4. Rez

The predecessor to Child of Eden, Rez follows the adventures of some faceless floating dude as he traverses through a series of hazardous geometric shapes, all in the name of making sweet beats. Like ‘Flower’ it combines the key components of repetition and bright colors, and as you progress further and the music becomes more intense it almost feels like you are an extra-terrestrial DJ playing a set on another, much funkier planet. Almost.


3. Goldeneye