MORE Forgotten Superhero Movies

Yes, YOU might not have forgotten them, but what about the rest of society? NEVER FORGET.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller



5. Time Cop


"But SAM!", you exclaim, "I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT TIME COP!" That's okay. You probably did forget that it's based on a little known run in Dark Horse comics back in 1992. Thanks to Jonathan London, of Geekscape fame, for tipping me off on this little gem of info. Linkbacks buddy!


This comic needs more 180 degree splits

But seriously, if Ron Silver is trying to steal gold from the past to fund a future Presidental campaign? C'mon. We all know Ron Silver would win with or without the money. He'd run a fear based campaign strategy though. And attack ads. A lot of attack ads. 


4. Barb Wire


Dark Horse comics strikes again with the critically panned, explosion-filled, salvation for thirteen year-old boys everywhere: Barb Wire. When your job description is bar owner/mercenary, you have a lot of different masters to serve. Including shots and shots … get it? Never read the comic (or saw the movie) but I'm sure Pam Anderson was snubbed that year at the Oscars.


3. Man Thing

Thank you very much EMBEDDING DISABLED BY REQUEST you've earned yourself a thumbs down from this guy for breaking up my flow! You should check out this well done fan trailer yourself anyway

Soo … totally had no idea that Marvel licensed out their D-level characters to Australian production companies. Wonder what other films we could get made?  Also, when will "hey, boy you better stay out of that swamp!" actually work? I mean, nothing good happens in swamps in movies.

I stand corrected. Now that Disney owns Marvel and the Muppets, couldn't you see a Man Thing crossover?! That's my jam, baby! Hey! Did you hear Marvel licenses these things to Australia?


2. Swamp Thing


Alright! So I got two 'Things' in a row! Sue me! At least this one is more fondly remembered (and highly more embeddable, thank you very much!) so it gets the cut above in this list. Also, it's a Wes Craven written/directed joint, perfect midnight movie fodder, AND it features one of my favorite trailer tropes "there goes the neighborhood"!


1. Tank Girl


Ohhhh baby did I save the best for last. Malcolm McDowel eats a BIG ham sandwhich as the main villain, mid-90's punk aesthetic is all over the place, and there's a bunch of explosions. How could you ever forget this film? Oh, it's kinda terrible. Sorry, Tank Girl.

I will mention how uncommonly pretty Lori Petty is in this feature (see what I did there?) I had to Google that girl and she pulls off the Sinead O'Hottie look quite well.


Sleeveless jean jackets, I hope you're taking notes ladies

But who really takes the cake in career transformations is this guy, in a blink or you'll miss it mention before his one-liner:

From this …


To this …



I'd say Ice T wins this round. Like he wins every round of Call of Duty…

HE is the deadliest game


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