G4 Going Through a Major Rebranding in 2013?

Less geek and more chic might be in the cards for the nerd-centric network.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The G4 you’ve come to love over the last ten years might cease to exist in its current form as early as 2013. According to a report by Variety, NBC Universal plans to rebrand the geek-centric TV station to be less nerdy and more GQ, catering to audiences “beyond the dorm room or messy bachelor pad.”

This new shift in direction will take affect some time in 2013, reports Variety. Maybe this explains why Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira, hosts of X-Play and Attack of the Show! respectively, left the network earlier this year. That's just speculation on my part, however. 

Variety does state that G4, which could also get a completely new name to go with its rebranding, will “remain true to its tech and video games roots” while still managing to cater to a more sophisticated audience. We’ll have to wait and see if this balancing act is possible.

But hey, as long as they don’t touch those COPS reruns, we’re good…