Football Tailgating Necessities

Ready to spice up your tailgate this fall? Look no further.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Instead of trying to out-do everyone else at the quad or parking lot this fall with outrageous tailgating blow-up mascots or RVs too large to fit into a Piggly Wiggly, let's look at some smaller necessities that can still noticeably separate you from the pack, making your tailgating comrades extremely jealous.

Let's start with the good stuff. The beer.

We all know that everyone will have the staples: Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Light, maybe even a Corona. But it's fall for God's sake. Spice it up a little bit. I prefer branching out to the seasonal brew and the fall is no better time for some Pumpkin Spice ale. The ladies will appreciate the diversity as well.

Pumpkin Ale


And what goes well with pumpkin beer? Some football sweets. You're going to need your lady and her friends, so why not give them a job? If you have a woman that loves to bake, mine makes some amazing puppy chow, sugar-coated bacon wrapped smokies and these little Rice-Krispie footballs you see below.

Rice-Krispie Footballs & Other Sweets

Now, don't out-do yourself on this one. In order to stay classy, you must stay subtle. We don't need four or five of them blow up mascots that I mentioned earlier around. I would argue that one should show team pride in their camp spot by having their team tent. Even if you're a Northwestern fan, you gotta stay true to your team colors on game day.

Team Tent


The best way to grill on game day is by making it portable. Don't log around an over-priced, cumbersome tank around with ya. Just grab a stainless steel gas rack like the one you see below and you'll have some great BBQ cookin' up in no time.

Portable Grill


Again, we're talking subtle. You won't lose your man-card over having your team spirit on the utensil you're flipping burgers with.

Team Spatula


It doesn't feel like game day unless you can watch other games while you're waiting for your 6:30 PM kick-off. Instead of eavesdropping on other tents, you can get a pretty sweet Tailgater Portable Satellite Antenna set up from Dish Network for $379. A receiver is also optional in which you can just turn the antenna feed into a TV signal for $135. Bring along your flat screen and your portable battery and you're ready for some prime time football watchin'

Portable Satellite Dish

No better way to watch those games with you're girl than this portable tailgate couch.

Tailgate Folding Couch

And the last two items on our agenda are for the young and bold. If you're with your buddies or around the party crowd, you might want to consider this fun little gadget, a key-chain shot-gun opener.

Shot-Gun Opener

And finally, if you get tired of playing corn hole or one-fly all day, there is the N-ice Rack option: a portable beer pong set up that you can keep in your freezer. When you bust it out during your tailgate it not only keeps your game well organized, but your beer ice cold.

N-ice Rack

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