7 Reporters Getting Soaked On The Air

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Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

A news reporter’s got to be ready for anything when they’re broadcasting live. You might be doing a story on a local park, but accidentally catch a notorious jewel thief on camera, secretly follow the thief and become a national hero! Or you might get splashed with water. Here are 7 reporters getting soaked on the air:


Political Reporter Soaked

The sign told the truth!


Child Welfare Reporter Soaked

Child gets no water, reporter gets lots of water.


Tea Party Reporter Soaked

Would you like some water with your Tea Party?


Firefighter Reporter Soaked

1:40 – The sprinklers decide they want to be interviewed.


Russian Reporter Soaked

Tonight’s Top Story: Fountains – Friend or Menace?


Weather Reporter Soaked

Asshole driver makes the news!


Reporter Jumps Into Pool

She dove right into that story.


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