STAR CARS Ep 9: Knight Rider 30th Anniversary

[VIDEO] We scan 30 years of Knight Rider, chat with KITT's designer, and take a ride in these beautiful Trans Ams and Mustangs.

Brad Hansenby Brad Hansen

STAR CARS Ep 9- Knight Rider 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago, arguably one of the awesomest shows ever made debuted. Knight Rider starred David Hasselhoff and his hi-tech car KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), and together they fought the criminal underworld and even KARR, KITT's evil twin. The series was revived in 2008 and KITT morphed from the edgy Pontiac Trans Am into a badass Ford Mustang Shelby. We covered them all at the recent Knight Rider Reunion event, where well over a dozen cars convened to celebrate the show's anniversary. We also chatted with KITT's designer Michael Scheffe, who also brought a lot of the Back To The Future vehicles to life. It's all in the video below-

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