T.G.I.M.! #178

We give thanks for what happened in sports over the weekend while prepping you for this week's schedule.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With Thanksgiving upon us like the inevitable expansion of our waste-lines, it's a time to reflect on things that we really should be thankful for. Be it family, friends, sports or even turduckens, we should take a second and really embrace the good in our lives. It's as easy to take for granted those good things as it is to blame Michael Vick for the Eagles season, but they are truly special and should be cherished.

Much like a foot is by Rex Ryan. Only maybe without the ick factor.

Things Sports Fans Were Thankful For This Past Weekend.

BCS Shakeups

If there is one constant in college football, it's that there isn't anything that is simple, especially deciding who the best in the country is. With No. 1 Kansas and No. 2 Oregon both falling this Saturday, Notre Dame slides up to the top spot as the only eligible undefeated team left. Now if we want some real drama, Notre Dame, Georgia and Alabama, the current top three teams, will all lose their next game leaving inelligible Ohio State as the lone unbeaten team. It would be so exciting to have two different teams ranked number one in both polls!


High Scoring NFL Games

OK, this one is more of a shout-out to those who love offense and fantasy football. This Sunday brought a smorgasbord of scoring as nearly everyone outside of Kansas City and Philadelphia were taking it to the house with apparent ease. The biggest surprise on the scoring end has to come from the Houston-Jacksonville game, which brought a combined 80 points.


College Football Conference Names that Continue to Make No Sense!

While there are a few conferences that don't exactly live up to their namesake, this week's culprit is the Big Ten. Currently at 12 teams, it looks like the conference may be expanding to 14 with the additions of Maryland and Rutgers. Now while this isn't official yet, it's looking very close, leaving us to chuckle at the 14 teams in the 'Big Ten'.


Things to be Thankful For This Week

Turkey Day Football

The NFL continues to bless all our overstuffed bodies with a day full of NFL football for the everyman fan. The day kicks off at 12:30 on CBS with Houston at Detroit. Then we switch over to FOX at 4:15 for Washington at Dallas. Finally, we flip it one more time to NBC at 8:20 to watch the Patriots and the Jets duke it out.


Black Friday Basketball

For those of you foolish people who will wait hours in line for that great deal, the NBA is giving you a great game to watch after you get home and rested. On NBATV at 7:30, it's the Oklahoma City Thunder taking on the Boston Celtics in the classic battle of youth versus experience. It's sure enough to get any shopping bitterness out of your mouth.


Unbeatens Look To Remain So

While college football is offering a day full of excitement on Friday also, it's the undefeated teams that spark the real interest this weekend. On Saturday Night, Notre Dame will be looking to lock it's place in the BCS Title Game with a win over USC on ABC at 8 pm. Meanwhile, in the early part of the same day, Ohio State will try to remain perfect with a win over Michigan when they play at noon, also on abc.

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