NHL Star Interns For Conan

He’s won two Stanley Cups but is now trying to leave an impression with America’s late night funnyman.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

National Hockey League players are looking for work wherever they can find it these days.  Claude Giroux went to Germany to play in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga; Jonathan Toews is trying out his cooking skills; and Brad Richards is hosting fashion shows.  But there’s one player – fresh off hoisting the Stanley Cup – who is looking to make an impact in late night television.

Los Angeles Kings left wing Dustin Penner announced via Twitter last week that he had found work during the NHL lockout – as an intern for TBS’ Conan.  Most players are playing in alternative leagues, in the hopes of staying in shape and being ready if the NHL season should return this year, but Penner wanted to try something a little different in his free time. 

Since Conan is filmed in the Los Angeles area, it seemed like a no-brainer for Penner.  The 30-year-old Penner tweeted two behind-the-scenes photos last Friday, proving that he’s still got his sense of humor, even while the owners and players continue to duke it out for a bigger piece of the pie.

In a recent article with the Toronto Sun, Penner explained the odd career choice, stating:

“I called my agent, who used to work in Hollywood, and asked if he could find me something to do. I don’t want to get paid. I’m not looking for a real job. Just something fun, a life experience thing that I can look back at. I was just going through the everyday motions of being an intern. Sweeping the floor, filling the printer tray with paper — and letting out my aggression on the other interns.”

When he’s not doing grunt work, Penner is working on skits for Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show and trying to keep the mood light. There’s no doubt Penner has a sense of humor, you’d pretty much have to if you’re the only NHL player to ever suffer an injury while eating pancakes.  Hopefully his internship will last longer than Conan’s Tonight Show stint with NBC. A bit harsh, we know.


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