CES 2013: Top 5 TV Innovations

[VIDEO]: You've probably heard of 4K TVs, but there's a lot more to 2013 televisions than higher resolution. We take you through the Top 5 new innovations in TVs on display at CES.

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

CES 2013: Top 5 TV Innovations

Last year, it was all about the 3D TVs — but in 2013, 4K is all the rage.  But even if a new ultra HD set is outside of your price range, there are still plenty of other revolutionary new ideas showcased at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show that may be coming to the next TV you purchase.

After scouring the convention floor in Las Vegas, Crave's Nash Herrington and Athena Stamos bring you the Top 5 TV innovations that have conventioneers talking.

Check back Thursday for the newest gaming technology wowing the CES crowds.

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