The Many Faces Of Jim Harbaugh

The 49ers took the NFC Championship over the Falcons Sunday. We tell the story through this timeline of priceless reaction from the San Francisco coach.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

There is no doubt that San Francisco 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh, is a great coach. With a strong 28-24 victory against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday, Harbaugh proved leadership, strategy and team building. More importantly, he also showed that he is one of the best coaches in the NFL when it comes to facial expressions.

Here is a review of the game told via Harbaugh’s screentime. Through pain and joy, Harbaugh expresses it all… sort of.

Respectful Harbaugh stands pensive as the Star Spangled Banner is sung.

Eagle-eyed Harbaugh watches how his defense handles Natty Ice early on.

Oh Boy Harbaugh watches the Falcons march with gusto.

Strategy Harbaugh starts to think on adjustments.

Displeased Harbaugh watches the replay of Falcons’ Julio Jones’ amazing TD catch.

Hearthbroken Harbaugh reacts to Michael Crabtree’s fumble on the 1-yard line.

Ecstatic Harbaugh watches Frank Gore go untouched into the end-zone for San Francisco’s first lead.

Regular Harbaugh coaching during the 2nd quarter as nothing of significance was going on.

Hulk Harbaugh happens. You can’t see it but Harbaugh is making Hulk fists to go with his Hulk face. Julio Jones was stopped short of the first down marker… so, yeah… Hulk face happens.

Harbaugh mad. Harbaugh real mad.

Anticipation Harbaugh of the replay of Harry Douglas flopping catch with less than five minutes to go and Atlanta trying to come back.

Listening Harbaugh as the booth review goes on.

Rage Harbaugh returns! The ruling goes against San Francisco. Two seconds later, Harbaugh pounded the ground with both fists.

Proper Response Harbaugh grabs his nuts towards the referees as thanks for the screw job. “Nuts to that, sir!”

Cautious Optimistic Harbaugh with two minutes to go and his team up by four.

Joy, Oh Joy Harbaugh celebrates as his 49ers stop the Falcons on fourth down in the red zone with a minute to go (and needing to get defense off field).

Leadership Harbaugh mode as he gives words of wisdom to QB Colin Kaepernick to wind down the game.

Enigmatic Harbaugh is Thinking? Happy? Angry? A good coach will never say.

Recollection Harbaugh remembers what the Falcons did to Seattle last week with time on the clock.

Happy Harbuagh shows off his happy face after a secured win.

Humbled Harbaugh shakes Falcons’ coach, Mike Smith.

Celebretory Harbaugh congratulates his Quarterback.

It is a tough thing to take your team to the Super Bowl. Harbaugh proves you can’t leave any emotion behind in your pursuit.

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