The Big List: Best 30 Rock Catchphrases! Sexiest Super Bowl Ads!

30 Rock is ending? Blergh! Plus: World of Warcraft invades Hollywood.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to make a blockbuster movie, watch it become one of the most financially successful movies of all-time, read a blog post pointing out an obvious logic flaw in the plot, hate yourself forever, use one of those Eternal Sunshine machines to erase all your memories of making the film and check out these links!


Which 30 Rock Catchphrases Will Stand The Test Of Time?

Whichever one is said in a sexy, baby voice.


Source Code Director On Quest To Make World Of Warcraft Movie

I bet Duncan Jones is feeling a lot of nerd pressure right now.


8 Raciest Super Bowl Commercials Of All-Time

You boys are fools! Look at Cindy Crawford! Augh!


Chris Brown’s List Of People To Beat Up



13 Movie Plot Holes That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Time to throw out all these f***ing movies.


That’s all for this beat up edition of The Big List.


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