CraveOnline Attempts Heart Surgery in Surgeon Simulator 2013

[VIDEO] One brave editor tries his hand at a heart transplant and it goes about as well as you'd expect...

Joey Davidson by Joey Davidson

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Listen, when push comes to shove, who do you really want performing a heart transplant on you or a loved one? Some stuffy surgeon with an absolutely abysmal kill:death ratio, or I veteran gamer and critic?

The answer is pretty obvious in my book.

Bossa Studios created Surgeon Simulator 2013 during a 48-hour Global Game Jam. It's been taking the internet by storm ever since its release, and I decided to take a turn with surgery and give it a go.

It's amazing. And make sure you stay until the very end.

You can play the game for free, online, right this very second by heading to Bossa's Game Jam website. I assume you won't be better at it than me.

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