Exclusive | ‘X-Men’ Producer Open to ‘Avengers’ Crossover Film

a Batman movie underperforms and Spider-Man – after an unexpected deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios – moved to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems as though anything could be possible… including a crossover between the X-Men and the Avengers.

I know, I know, we thought it would never happen too. And it still might not, but an X-Men producer is now publicly talking about a collaboration between 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios as if it would be a genuinely good idea. Perhaps the days of one studio staking a claim to their heroes and refusing to interact with the other franchises will soon be over, if producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: ApocalypseDeadpool) has his way.

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I spoke to Simon Kinberg and Deadpool director Tim Miller earlier today at a press junket for the upcoming Deadpool Blu-ray release on May 10, and I joked that the Sony/Marvel deal was a potential watershed moment that could lead to an epic crossover between Deadpool and Gwenpool. They laughed the idea off. “No, said Miller, and then he took the conversation in a different direction. 

“But I would love to, someday, in part, heal the rift between the world of X-Men and the world of Avengers, Tim Miller added.

“I think we all would, Simon Kinberg continued. “And I think there’s so much crossover in the comic it would be neat to see those characters one day share a movie.”

In the clip below, Tim Miller points out that he included a reference to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige – “Feige’s Famous Pizza” – in his movie Deadpool as a way to to “try and bring these worlds together.”

20th Century Fox

“Both of us are actually quite close with Kevin, Simon Kinberg says, “and have a profound amount of respect for what he does. And it would be fun to all team up one day, somehow, together, if that could work.”

Now again, this is anything BUT an announcement. It’s probably just Simon Kinberg floating the idea out there, but the fact that he’s willing to do even that is significant. For years, a sense of competition has emerged from 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios has been bubbling. The X-Men were Marvel’s flagship characters for years, but since superhero movies became a dominant box office force – and since Fox has been firmly holding onto the rights to the characters – the mutants have been increasingly marginalized in the comics themselves. A crossover film, even though many fans have been clamoring for that, has seemed like an utter impossibility due to studio politics.

But if the producer of the X-Men movies is now calling the idea “fun,” and saying “we all would” like to see them team up, maybe it’s not so impossible after all.

Check out the clip from our upcoming interview with Tim Miller and Simon Kinberg, and come back in May to see the complete video with updates about Deadpool 2 and more.


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Photo: Marvel
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