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Indiana Jones Recasting on the Way for New Trilogy?

Bradley Cooper as the man in the hat? Either way, a new Indiana Jones film is coming — with or without Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones

Sounds like Disney is getting antsy to get back into the rare antiquities business…

While the Mouse has been madly hammering away at a whole attack squadron of new Star Wars films, George Lucas' "other" mega-franchise Indiana Jones has been quietly bidding its time in the post-merger era.

But according to Crave movie site Cinema Blend (as originally reported at Latino Review), Disney is ready to go forward with new Indiana Jones films — with or without Indy himself Harrison Ford.

Every few months, reporters ask Ford is he's ready to once again pick up the fedora and bullwhip — and Ford nearly always says he's game.  But with Ford celebrating his 72nd birthday in July, Disney is looking at hard realities — and according to LR, their battle plan is more than ready to see a new Indy assume the role, ala James Bond.

"There is a date. And if Indiana Jones 5 is not moving forward by then, the studio is 100% prepared to recast a younger Dr. Jones and ready up a new trilogy."

LR also reports Bradley Cooper is high on Disney's wishlist to play Indy if a Ford deal doesn't come together quickly — and director Frank Durabont is lining up as a potential writer-director for the new project should the new film not work into Steven Spielberg's schedule.

Considering Disney negotiated a massive deal with Paramount last year to handle all new Indy projects, a post-Ford Indiana Jones adventure is inevitable.  Just like Bond before him, we WILL see a new Indiana Jones on screen one of these days.  At this point, it looks to be just a matter of whether or not we see one last Ford-fronted Indy flick before Dr. Jones reboots for a new generation.

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