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Halo live action pics and video

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Halo live action pics and video

Despite the fact that studio funding has been halted indefinitely, new live action Halo video and behind the scenes stills have recently surfaced, and we have them here!

While it seems that this footage is to be used as promotion for the upcoming Halo 3 release, rumors persist that it is actually test footage to be shown to investors in hopes of reviving production of the canceled Halo movie.

Similarly to the “Arms Race” footage debuted earlier at this year’s E3, the new “Combat” video was directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson, in collaboration with Bungie Studios, Weta Workshop and Origami Digital.

Clearly the video is not up to the “A-Picture” standards one would expect, but it has to be said that it still looks pretty impressive. Especially when one considers that production of the Halo movie was supposedly halted nearly a year ago.

Microsoft, Bungie, Jackson and Blomkamp all seem committed to bringing the Halo movie project back into the light, and after seeing this promotional clip, I wish them luck. If what we’ve seen so far is any indication, a Halo movie would be a more than welcome addition to next summer’s blockbuster movie schedule.