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Ghostbusters game…busted?

The fan favorite has been pulled from preorders.

Ghostbusters game…busted?

By: Joey Davidson

Over this past holiday weekend some extremely troubling news has surfaced concerning the upcoming Ghostbusters video game. Before I go into that a lot more, let’s revisit this busting title that makes me feel good.

A few from the cast of the original films have been looking for a way to rehash the franchise and push the series into new directions through new movies. Bill Murray wasn’t so much into that. That left Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis with just about zero leverage in the situation. Then, a while back, footage of an in-the-works Ghostbusters game hit the net. It was supposedly fake; but, like internet news tends to do, information seeped in from all sources concerning the possibility of a Ghostbusters video game.

It took a while for these rumors to calm down, but once they had Sierra Entertainment decided it was a good time to announce the title officially. Ghostbusters the Video Game was going to come out sometime in the fall of 2008. That’s when feature stories started running in print magazines and word of an E3 presence for the big G had been tumbling down the pipeline.

Here’s the trailer from E3:

It was going to be fantastic. The original cast was there to offer their voice talent, something that plagues games like this. Aykroyd and Ramis had even been stepping up to work on the script. This was going to be, for all intents and purposes, a third entry in the Ghostbusters storyline. Amazing, right?

Guess what! It’s almost the fall of 2008 and folks have been going preorder crazy for this one. That came to a stop this weekend. The reason for the cease and desist amongst the preorder crowd is that Gamestop has stopped offering them. What’s more, they’ve said that they will be refunding all preorders up-to-date. Which is strange for a money-hungry company like the Stop… as I like to call them.

Hopefully this is just one big mix-up, or maybe the game has simply been delayed for a while. But it’s never a good sign when Gamestop gives you back your money.