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Thief Reboot Announced

The latest cover reveal from Game Informer pulls the title from the shadows.


It’s that time again. Time for another game announcement courtesy of a Game Informer cover reveal. This month’s flavor comes in the form of Thief, a reboot of the popular stealth series.

According to the Game Informer story, Thief will be a next generation title hitting PS4, PC and other next-gen consoles in 2014. The game will once again star Garrett as he returns to the industrial metropolis known as “The City.” Apparently The City is being ravaged by a plague and lorded over by some dude called the Baron. We’re getting a Dishonored vibe from the little we know thus far. Are you?

Interestingly, we haven’t seen a Thief title since 2004’s Thief: Deadly Shadows. So this return has been a long time coming for Garrett. Thief is being developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix. To learn more, pick up the April issue (#240) of Game Informer magazine. 

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