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VGX 2013′s Awkardness Condensed into 3 Minutes

Enough awkwardness for you to take a bath in.


The annual Spike TV Video Game Awards were hosted yesterday under a new name and format called VGX. Geoff Keighley and crew hoped to remedy the issues of past years by moving to something more gamer-centric, tossing Hollywood aside. While the new style was certainly different than past years, it was just as cringe-worthy as ever.

The three hours of VGX 2013 are hard to describe. The lack of synergy between hosts Geoff Keighley and comedian Joel McHale proved to make for plenty of awkward moments. Joel's barrage of jabbing jokes would throw on-set developers into confusion, and each section would be woven together with ridiculous viral videos. At times the show was downright hilarious, while other times it was tragic. I've never seen so many people speak into a microphone who are either severely intoxicated or suffering from sleep deprivation in one day, let alone in three hours.

Instead of telling you to head to an archive of the entire show, I have a video that serves as an abridged form of VGX 2013. You'll see everything you really need to in three minutes via the video below: