Sarah Marie Summer AKA The ‘Naughty Barbie’ Has The Biggest Boobs In Australia

*slow clap*

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Photo: Instagram/Sarah Marie Summer

Everyone should have something they are proud of in their life, and if that something is having the biggest fake breasts in all of Australia, then, hell, show them off proudly. We really don’t mind.

Sarah Marie Summer, your new favorite Australian, who also calls herself the “Naughty Barbie,” because why the hell not, is proudly showing off her fake boobs — the biggest fake boobs in Australia.

While they make normal, everyday things difficult to do, Sarah does not regret enhancing her girls to be that large.

“They make people smile and that makes me happy, so that can’t be a bad thing,” Sarah says.

A true Australian hero.

Since Sarah wants to make us smile, and that’s important to her, let’s see some more pictures of the reason we are all happy:

Well, hey, at least she’s reached her goal, right?

Via Playboy

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