This Bootylicious Boxing Video From Katya Elise Henry Will Floor You

This girl is a knockout in every sense of the word.

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Photo: katyaelisehenry / Instagram

Whether it’s Serena Williams shaking her moneymaker in a yellow thong bikini or Emily¬†Ratajkowski flashing what the good Lord gave her on the beach, sexy babes are all about showing off their greatest assets on social media. Fitness model Katya Elise Henry is no exception, as this video she shot for The Heavyweight Factory is sure to rev your engine. That’s not even boxing terminology, but we could care less. We’re a bit distracted, as you’ll soon see. Check out the fight promo below to understand exactly what we mean.

Fitness Model Katya Elise Henry In Promotional Boxing Video:

We’re not quite sure what any of that had to do with boxing other than being in a ring and wearing the gloves, but consider your brand promoted, Katya. Speaking of promotion, you should be sure to check out her personal Instagram page while you’re already drooling. Here’s a glimpse at what you’re in for:

h/t Maxim

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