Playboy Is Back To Publishing Nudes Again!

Well, their "non-nude era" failed, so Playboy is back at it.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Elizabeth Elam

Well it only took a year for Playboy to realize what a dumb decision they made.

It was back in late 2015 that the world learned that the iconic magazine Playboy would be shutting the door on all their nudes, and because of that we ran the best Playboy covers of all time in honor of their nude era. Playboy even called up Pamela Anderson to be on the cover of their final nude issue. Well, guess what? Playboy has realized that people only purchased their magazine because of the nudes, and that’s it.

This is what you can expect for Playboy’s March/April issue, featuring model Elizabeth Elam.

“Naked is normal.” Yep, and also pretty damn great.

This is what COO Cooper Hefner, who is of course the son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, and a big leader of axing the nudes in the first place, had to say. Check it out below thanks to his Twitter.

“Nudity isn’t a probably.” Now Cooper is starting to make sense.

Well it seems like Playboy will be back to showcasing what made them iconic to begin with, and we will forgive their whole “no nude” era, and pretend it never happened.

And now let’s wrap this up with a few photos from the March/April Playboy cover girl’s Instagram, because this is our way of celebrating the return of Playboy.

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