Personal Trainer Courtney Black Has A Hall Of Fame Butt

*slow clap*

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Courtney Black

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a hall of fame butt. Is there such a hall of fame? I’m not sure, because if there was I would know about it.

We here at Mandatory understand that it is our duty to let you folks know when we come across a gal with a butt that deserves some recognition. That’s why we told you all about Whitney Simmons and her butt, and we also had to tell you about Tammy Hembrow and her butt. And guess what? We have another for you: personal trainer, Courtney Black.

Black, from London, because super popular on Instagram after she went from skinny to perfect curves after working her tail off. And now of course she has over 150K followers on Instagram. But of course you already know why she has that many followers: she looks great.

And the first thing that the 20-year-old wants you to all notice is her backside. So let’s get to noticing by checking out some of her best photos thanks to her Instagram.

Yep, hope you enjoyed this, lads and gals.

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