Kady McDermott Sure Does Have A Killer Bum

A killer bum indeed.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Kady McDermott

Quick! Don’t think! Who is Kady McDermott? If you’ve answered anything but, “Um…” you should probably get out more. And if you don’t know who she is, that’s completely fine because once again we have to chime in to tell you about her.

McDermott is a 21-year-old, and get this, reality star, as she’s most known for Love Island. Yes, read that again: Love Island. That’s a British dating reality show. Ah yes, of course. But listen, no one cares about that show, and I’m pretty sure hardcore fans mostly tune in for one thing: Kady. And we honestly can’t blame them at all.

McDermott already has over 900K followers on Instagram — followers that are only interested in seeing the latest photos from McDermott featuring her bum and her great bod. So go right ahead and check out some of McDermott’s hottest photos thanks to her Instagram.

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